Clínica Universitària de Manresa


The FUB was established in 1990 as a private foundation intended to offer a public service in guaranteeing a selection of University degrees in the central regions of Catalonia in order to provide greater geographical balance within the educational system.
The FUB is located in Manresa (Bages) and is divided into two separate faculties: The Health Sciences School, which offers degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Podiatry (Chiropody); and the Social Sciences School, which offers degrees in Business Administration and Early Childhood Education. All degrees offered at the FUB are endorsed by, and attached to, the UAB (Barcelona Autonomous University).
At present 1,353 students attend the FUB, of which 18.2% come from outside Catalonia, and the teaching staff exceeds 350.
From the first Nursing graduates (18 years ago) up to those graduated at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year, 3,141 people have completed their studies at the FUB and the average who then go on to gain employment is 97%.
One of the strongest healthcare projects at the FUB is the Outpatient Clinic. This Clinic is run by members of the teaching staff as well as a selection of those students with the best academic records. The services offered by the Clinic are Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy  and Chiropody. There are also ongoing programmes to promote early detection of health problems amongst school children and healthcare education.
One of the FUB’s main objectives is to become a reference point in the Public Health domain and for this reason they are implementing the ‘Healthy FUB’ initiative. The project aims to improve the health of the University community, carry out research and support other institutions that promote healthy habits in our society.

The FUB also offers ongoing training courses to complement the academic offer. To be able to offer these courses the FUB has set up 'The School of Ongoing Training' which is responsible for planning, organizing, disseminating and administrating postgraduate training by means of Master’s degrees, postgraduate courses, short term couses, conferences, symposiums and seminars.



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